Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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A good service and it’s free! This website helped me make my CV look way more neat and professional. After sending it in Word format, I realized that it gets displayed differently on other devices. Now I am sure that it will be formatted the same - even if I read it from my smartphone.



It’s a simple and easy service. PDF is gaining popularity nowadays and is increasingly being used to work with Word, so now I need to process a lot of PDF files. Thanks for making conversions so easy!



A great solution that helped save my TPS report. I needed to transform my document into PDF format since my boss couldn’t open it on his computer. This solution converted it in a minute, saving the formatting and document quality.



I wanted to work during my trip while on the train, but my smartphone couldn’t open the reference documents in .doc format. Instead of uploading additional software, I just converted them with this service. Now I can read them anywhere.



Processing the templates for the first time, I realized that .doc format is good for creating a document, but bad for sharing. That is why I needed a trustworthy service, that I could use from time to time for sharing documents in various. Your website turned out to be the best choice for me! AltoConvertWordtoPDF always helps me get my work done faster. Thank you!



A good solution that quickly converted my Word document to PDF. I needed to print the template on paper, but its formatting was broken. Then, I converted it into a PDF, and the printed copy looked perfectly the same as the digital one. Thanks a lot!



I like this service. It helped me to convert my word document to PDF for free. It deletes all my documents once I reload the page. Now I don’t have to worry that someone will have access to my documents.



No payments and registrations - basically no problems. From my point of view, this service has everything I need: it converts my documents fast, anonymously and free. An ideal website for sure



Good results without any damage to the content. I needed to save the document containing images and spreadsheets in PDF, but the software turned into weird symbols. This solution completed the conversion correctly, quickly and easily.