How to Convert Word to PDF

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If you need to convert a Word to a PDF file, and you don’t have neither time nor desire to install software, deal with long email activation procedures, or buy an entire package of services that you will rarely use, then you’re in luck. You can now use a Word to PDF online converter, such as AltoWordtoPDF, and easily save a Word document to a PDF format without any program downloads. All of our Alto services are free of charge, so there is no need to worry about buying a subscription. Just follow these few simple steps that will enable you to convert Word to PDF:

1 Start Using Word to PDF File Converter

Open any Internet browser and enter in the search bar. You can do this as from PC, as from any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet anywhere and anytime. This feature is especially convenient if you are on a trip, out of the home or office, or even if you are, for example, standing in a line and don’t want to waste any time. The free converter opens at once, ready for use; it is not necessary to install any software on your device.

 Convert Word to PDF

2 Downloading a Word File to the Converter Software

You will have several different options on how you would like to download the word file you want to convert to PDF. You can upload it from cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. You can also upload it from your computer or mobile device by clicking the orange button that says Choose File. If you are working from a PC, it is also possible to drag and drop a word  to the online converter directly from the desktop or an open folder.

 How to Convert Word to PDF

3 Converting a Word Document to PDF

After you have uploaded or dropped the document to the converter, click the Convert Now! orange button to begin. The whole process will take only several seconds, so you will have a PDF almost instantly. If you change your mind or discovered that you picked a wrong file, there is an option to delete the file and start over. To do this, click the orange button with the bucket near the Word. The file will be deleted, and you can choose another one for converting.

 Using Word to PDF File Converter

4 Saving a PDF to Your Device

When the converting process is finished, you will have the ready-to-use PDF file. Now, you can save it to your device by clicking the Download PDF button. Then you can store it, print it out or send it out to other people. There is also an option to click the orange Continue Editing button to make changes to the document. To convert multiple Word files to PDFs, click Start over again, download a new Word document and repeat the process. You can do it as many times as you need without further registration or purchasing.

Converting a Word Document to PDF

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